Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Sets of Famous Music Videos


In the course of writing about the director’s cut of the “Heart-Shaped Box” video yesterday, we came across a pretty great behind-the-scenes photo of Nirvana hanging out on set with the woman who appears in the video wearing a terrifying skinless fat suit. We’re very partial to such images here at Flavorwire, and we got to thinking that there must be more out there on the Internet. And indeed there are — so here’s a selection of some of the best!

Lady Gaga

On the set of the “Bad Romance” video. [via]


Making the meme-tastic “Pork and Beans” video. [via]


Taking a break during the “Waterfalls” video shoot. [via]

Dr. Dre

Surrounded by faux-Eminems on the set of the real Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady” shoot. [via]

David Bowie

Discussing messianics with “The Next Day” director Floria Sigismondi. [via]

Hype Williams

No, not Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland — the real Hype Williams, sharing a joke with someone as his DOP sets up a shot with Jadakiss. [via]


A wardrobe adjustment for the “Where Have You Been” shoot. [via]

Axl Rose

Sharing a joke during the epic “November Rain” shoot. [via]

Britney Spears

Making the iconically creepy “Baby One More Time” video. [via]


In android form with visionary director Chris Cunningham during the “All Is Full Of Love” shoot. [via]

Selena Gomez

Not waving, drowning. [via]

Grizzly Bear

Co-director Isaiah Saxton on the set of the hugely strange “Knife” video. [via]


With creepy fat suit woman on the set of the “Heart Shaped Box” video. [via]

Jay Z

Hugging Marina Abramovic during the “Picasso Baby” shoot last month. [via]

The Beastie Boys

The gentleman tasked with recreating the Paul’s Boutique sign for the “Fight for Your Right Revisited” video. See heaps more photos from the same shoot on The Hundreds.


On the set of the “Kids” video. And yeah, it’s no wonder that kid looks nonplussed. [via]

of Montreal

Kevin Barnes negotiates the task of getting off a boat with a blazing torch in tow. From the “Coquet Coquette” video. [via]

Courtney Love

On the set of the video for America’s Sweetheart lead single “Mono,” 2004. [via]

Michael Jackson

With director John Landis during the “Thriller” shoot — pretty much exactly 30 years ago, which is guaranteed to make you feel old. [via]

Michael Jackson, again

Unleashing the beast within on the “Thriller” set. [via]