Wonderful Vintage Pulp Covers for Domestic Suspense Novels


Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives, editor Sarah Weinman’s collection of “stories from the trailblazers of domestic suspense,” is not only one of the year’s must-have collections of forgotten writings; it also continues the excellent trend of under-appreciated fiction subgenres getting the respect they rightfully deserve. And even though we know you should never judge a book by one, the cover of Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives is as irresistible as the stories by Patricia Highsmith, Vera Caspary, and the other writers included in this marvelous collection of crime fiction. It’s a design that pulls you in with its homage to old-school pulp paperback covers of the kind of novels authors in Weinman’s anthology published.

Using Weinman’s Domestic Suspense website as a jumping off point, we collected a handful of real vintage covers for the works of the writers featured in Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives.

Reformatory Girls, Nedra Tyre

Strangers on a Train, Patricia Highsmith

The Judas Cat, Dorothy Salisbury Davis

The Trouble Makers, Celia Fremlin

Laura, Vera Caspary

The Death Wish, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Detour to Death, Helen Nielsen

Then Came Two Women, Charlotte Armstrong

The Girl Who had to Die, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Ride the Pink Horse, Dorothy B. Hughes

Belinda, Vera Caspary

Road Through the Wall, Shirley Jackson

The Blank Wall, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Talented Mr. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith

A Stranger in My Grave, Margaret Millar

A Game for the Living, Dorothy B. Hughes

The Candy Kid, Dorothy B. Hughes

The Price of Salt, Claire Morgan (Patricia Highsmith)

The Virgin Huntress, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Dead on the Level, Helen Nielsen