Fans Pick Their Top Five Tori Amos Songs, Succumb to Apoplexy


Earlier today Flavorwire rounded up and ranked Tori Amos’ top 100 songs. It was a tremendous undertaking, but in light of her big 5-0, it was also totally necessary. Unsurprisingly, Tori fans began chiming in pretty quickly with their own rankings, giving us no choice but to collect them under the Twitter hashtag #5ToriSongs — where things got emotional.

Several respondents felt the exercise was cruel and unjust. A Tori’s Choice, if you will.

Isn’t #5ToriSongs a thing everyday? Fill your Spotify quota, Morgan.

A fight to the death for the definitive list.

Jessa, you’re not even trying.

The debate over the top five is still raging, so feel free to join in on Twitter… at your own risk.