Smart Investments: Pearl Jam Memorabilia


News that Pearl Jam‘s new record Backspacer, which retailed primarily at Target stores, topped this week’s Billboard chart after selling 189,000 copies convinces us of two things: First off, Mark Graham at Vulture is right; we’re one Candlebox reunion away from a total grunge resurgence.

Secondly (and more importantly), there’s an excellent opportunity here for entrepreneurial types; the time has come to comb eBay for some rare Pearl Jam memorabilia. Click through to see what we found.

Red electric guitar signed by Eddie Vedder: There are tons of signed guitars on eBay, but Eddie also drew a cute picture of a wave underneath his signature on this one. It comes with two 4X6 images of him signing said guitar, and a letter of authenticity from the PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator). Hardcore fans will like that it’s red — very “Jeremy.”$3,500 OBO

Handwritten lyrics to Pearl Jam’s “Evacuation”: We don’t really remember “Evacuation,” and the image above isn’t providing many clues. That said, it is cool that it’s on notebook paper, right? Very authentic. We’ll let the seller explain the significance: “IN THE SONG EDDIE REPEATS THE WORD EVACUATION A FEW TIMES AND HE HAS WRITTEN THEM OUT WITH LINES, UNDERLINES SOME OF THE WORDS FOR PUNCTUATION AND UP AND DOWN ARROWS ALSO.” Yeah, that didn’t help us either. $1,500 if you buy it now

Eddie Vedder-signed Chicago Cubs jersey: You love Eddie. Eddie loves the Cubs, so much, that he wrote and recorded a song for them called “All the Way” at the request of “Mr. Cub,” Ernie Banks. $649.50 to buy it now

Pearl Jam original ’95 concert schedule: This one is so real that it had Eddie stains on it, along with some hand-written scribbles about the different venues on the 1995 summer tour. They had to cancel the 1994 summer tour because Ticketmaster wouldn’t let them keep ticket prices below $20. How rare is that? $599.99 OBO

Pearl Jam Lost Dogs stuffed promo dog: Pretty cute, huh? As the seller touts this dog is house broken and responds to… you guessed it, Ed. The Lost Dogs: Rarities and B Sides anthology came out in 2003, so he’s around 6 years old now. Or 42 in people years. $150 if you buy it now