20 Pictures of the Most Important Beards in the Last Decade


Summer is slowly winding down, which means we will all be faced with a good deal of sartorial choices as we make the move from hot to cold. One of the most important facing many of us is whether or not we’re planning on growing our beards in to shield us from the harsh winds (that is, if we can even grow them in the first place) and crappy weather.

The good news is that letting your face get all bushy is still in style, so whether you already have one, want to start getting ready for the autumn, or are on the fence about making the commitment, we present to you 20 beards to help make your choice easier, or to totally put what you thought was your own sweet beard to total shame.

Damian Abraham from Fucked Up

We heard that David Comes to Life is actually a concept album about Abraham’s sweet beard. We’d like him to confirm or deny this.

Ouigi Theodore

Proof that great clothes do make the man, but the beard makes the man in the great clothes even better.

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks

Here’s the thing about the two-time Stanley Cup champion: as far as hockey beards go, Patrick Kane’s sorta resembles that episode of Beavis and Butthead where they shave off their pubes and glue them to their face. Kane’s beard is on this list solely because he pulls off the beard accessorizing by shaving the late 1980s lines into the part where his sideburns end and his hair begins. The presentation gets his ratty beard on here.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Bill “The Butcher,” Daniel Plainview, the 16th President of the United States, three Oscars: all of these things are important, but D.D.L. also has an incredible salt and pepper bush going on that we should all appreciate.

Spencer Pratt

Spencer making the flesh beard respectable was his greatest contribution to humanity. Thanks for that.

Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson of Sunn O)))

There are many fine beards in metal, but these drone gods trump them all because they recognize that nothing goes better with a long beard than a cloak. Hopefully this style will go mainstream sooner rather than later.

Ryan Gosling

Hey girl,

My beard is important, but nowhere near as important as you.

Rick Ross’s chain of Rick Ross

It’s the best beard on a chain, and it’d probably pay your rent for three years.

Conan O’Brien

Bring it back, Conan. Please bring it back.

Brian Wilson

Since he has played in San Francisco and now in Los Angeles, it is fair to say that this relief pitcher has one of the greatest beards in the history of California.

Mandy Patinkin

Saul Berenson is inspiration for a bunch of 20-year-olds that are wondering if their beard will look good in another 30 years.


You thought we’d only have dudes on this list? Shame on you.

Sam Lambert

The guy puts together his sweet outfits according to how his beard is feeling that day.

Justin Vernon

Bon Iver is beard inspiration for a million sensitive guys with guitars who want to be locked away in a cabin somewhere just writing their songs.

Rick Rubin

You want answers to life? We suggest you grow a beard and try to hang out with Rick Rubin when he isn’t busy producing. Rick Rubin and his beard look like they have all the answers to everything.

Warren Ellis

We know everybody loves Nick Cave, but his friend/collaborator has the greatest beard to come out of Australia in the last ten years. That thing is mystical.

Zach Galifianakis

One theory you can chew on is that Galifianakis helped make beards respectable for the masses by being the funny public face of them, but make no mistake about it: that is the kind of beard most guys dream of growing.

Daniel Bryan

The most popular wrestler in the WWE has thousands of people wearing t-shirts that say, “Fear the beard.” If that isn’t important to beards, we don’t know what is.

Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra

The guys behind Costello Tagliapietra easily have the two best beards in fashion. We sorta hope they never change.

James Harden

The Houston Rocket’s beard is not only one of the most important beards of the decade, but it might actually be the sweetest of them all, and we’re pretty sure it’s where he gets his Harden Soul from.