Reader Services: How to Navigate Art Basel Miami


L.A. knows a thing or two about navigating unwieldy urban sprawls and a plurality of simultaneous cultural events at alternative-space locations in forlorn warehouse districts and/or hard-to-get-into avant-posh hotel bars.

At the carnival that is Art Basel Miami — which we will be bringing you updates from starting on Thursday — even the most dedicated art lovers need a guardian angel to help them find their way through the throngs of supposed next big things, on the trail of the elusive real thing.

Enter our friends from For Your Art, a free calendar, news, and feature service that makes the Los Angeles art world easy to tame with weekly email round-ups, late-breaking headlines, and — this is where things get good for those heading to Miami — carefully-curated recommendations for the events most worth your precious time, complete with city and neighborhood maps, available as a free PDF download.

Happy hunting, touristas del arte!!

– Shana Nys Dambrot