Celebrities Who Broke Old-School Fashion Rules and Lived to Tell the Tale


It’s the week after Labor Day, which means style sticklers everywhere are stowing away their white pants and starched button-downs ’til next May. But the vast majority of us will allow our bleached denim to survive into the fall, because why would anyone limit a perfectly good piece of clothing to three months of the year? As Mental Floss points out, the “no white in September” rule was arbitrary to begin with. But while we’re calling out fashion choices that are long past their faux pas days, let’s review a few other pieces of conventional wisdom that have long since worn out their welcome — as illustrated with photo evidence of our favorite stylish celebrities. If Solange can pair stripes with florals, then so can you.

Image Credit: VIBE magazine

Don’t Mix Patterns

I count four in this outfit, and Solange rocks all of them. Case closed.

You Can Show Off Your Cleavage Or Your Legs, But Not Both

We live in the age of the Anja Rubik Hip Bone Dress. All bets are off.

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Miniskirts Are for 20-somethings

Not if you’re Anna Dello Russo at 51, they’re not. Jury’s still out on metallic florals paired with shoulder pads, though.

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Image Credit: Aram Bedrossian

Accessories Have to Match

You didn’t think you were going to get through a listicle about bucking sartorial convention without the Man Repeller, did you? Have no fear: here’s Leandra Medine herself, proudly pairing white sneaker wedges with a turquoise bag.

Pink Is for Girls

Kanye would famously beg to differ.

Sandals With Socks Are Never Not Awful

We won’t say this is the greatest outfit Chloe Sevigny’s ever worn, but it’s not as heinous as it should be.

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Old Age Means Short Hair

Jessica Lange’s shoulder-length cut seems to be serving her just fine. (Side note: just over a month ’til American Horror Story comes back to haunt our nightmares!)

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Navy and Black Just Don’t Work Together

Sofia Coppola’s blouse and pants manage to coexist without starting World War III.