An Open Letter to James Franco: General Hospital? Really?


James Franco we love you, but you’re bringing us down. How can we defend you from the Gawkers of the world when you sign on to do a TV show like General Hospital? It’s no big deal, you say. You’re just “experimenting.” You’ll appear off and on for about two months, and then you’ll move on. Well, we’re not sure we can James.

Not to get all UCLA Class of 2009 on your ass, but this is a total desecration of the time you spent on Freaks and Geeks. Aren’t film projects like Howl and Your Highness enough to pay the bills at Columbia and NYU? Why not just starting selling your autograph to other grad students? And while we’re talking about your writing, what will a gig like this mean for your short story collection? Don’t put your dreams on hold just to play some daytime mob thug’s worst nightmare. It’s not worth it.

We suppose there’s one consolation: This has to be a historic move in Hollywood. An actor breaks into the Hollywood film world thanks to a prime time TV series and then decides to do a soap. It’s almost as unlikely as an actor making an art house movie that has him “re-enact” every television and film performance from his entire career. Oh wait.

Update: Franco says it’s “performance art.”