Gawker Writer Receives Email: Flavorpill CEO Sascha Lewis Responds to Hamilton Nolan


Last week, on what was apparently a spectacularly slow news day, Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan took issue with an email Flavorpill CEO Sascha Lewis sent to a list of acquaintances. Here is Sascha’s response.


The point of my email was simple: what happened at Electric Zoo was terrible and we, as a community, can do better. We all have the capacity to feel joyous and full of life without having to consume loads of pills and stimulants, because better options are out there. We have the teachers and tools to access a higher state of consciousness — the better parts of ourselves — especially when dance, music, and a supportive community are part of the experience.

The events being promoted in the email you critiqued included a free, all-ages outdoor yoga, African dance, and tai chi class. The other is our one-hour dance party, Lunch Break (where everyone is allowed only one drink — strictly enforced), which along with allowing people to have some fun in the middle of the day raises money for local food banks. Lastly, I mentioned a dance party where 50% of the proceeds go to BEAT NYC, an org that teaches blind high school students how to produce music.

These events are what the dance and wellness community that I know and love is all about. I welcome you to come join us at any of these events so we can “celebrate” great moments, together. Some yoga or shaking your ass might just do you some good.

Image from Flavorpill’s City Salutations event, September 8, 2013 at Brooklyn Bridge Park.