24 Cats Whose Record Collections Are More Relevant Than Yours


Last week we examined the Serious Cultural Phenomenon that is the bookshelfie, and came to the conclusion that cats provide better examples of the selfie-in-front-of-bookshelf genre than their human servants owners do. This is hardly surprising, given that cats do pretty much everything better (on the Internet, anyway.) Further proof: these photos of cats posing with their owners’ record collections and/or in their owners’ record stores. Cats rule everything around me.

“I have been living in Williamsburg far longer than you.” [via]

“Some jokes just write themselves.” [via]

“Dude, haven’t you heard? Tapes are making a comeback.” [via]

“If you’re going to play more of that doom metal stuff, I’m just not moving.” [via]

“No, we do not have Kings of Leon. Begone.” [via]

“Nope. You’re gonna need another shelf. No space here for any new records at all.” [via]

“But I don’t see any music!” [via]

“If he only knew what I get up to when the shop’s closed…” [via]

“Aw, come on, you’re not going to make me move just so you can play that silly record?” [via]

“Yes, look, that’s all very well, but look at me.” [via]

“This is not the crate you are looking for. There is nothing here for you.” [via]

“Wait, what do you mean this is the bargain bin?” [via]

“We’re not moving house and that’s that.” [via]

“Pfffft. Everyone knows Oates is the one with the moustache.” [via]

“The Floyd, man!” [via]

“Wait… I am in the Internet!” [via]

“Damn, it feels good to be a cat.” [via]

“No, see, I am a record.” [via]

“Leave that machine alone and pay attention to me.” [via]

“Yes, it’s just as well you left this shelf for me. Otherwise the consequences might have been… unfortunate.” [via]

“No fucking way — this is the last copy and I found it first.” [via]

“Dude… this catnip…” [via]

“When the crowd say ‘Bo selecta!'”

Sorry. [via]