Ted Williams’ Cryogenically Frozen Head Beaten with Monkey Wrench


The title sort of says it all, but for those of intrigued, disturbed or simply interested in finding out how in the hell this happened, here’s the recap: Larry Johnson, a former employee of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, not “Grandmama”, reports in his new book Frozen, that a technician at the facility repeatedly took home run shots at the famed slugger’s severed head with a monkey wrench. A monkey wrench for Christ’s sake!

Williams remains were sent to Alcor by request of his son, John Henry Williams, who died in 2005 and whose remains are also housed at Alcor. John Henry fought long and hard with his sister, Bobby Jo Williams Ferrell (Teddy Ball Game really liked giving his kids country singer names), who contended that her father wanted to be cremated, not frozen in hopes that someday technology would be able to bring him back to life. Now he’s getting creamed with a monkey wrench.

The news comes after Johnson, a former exec at Alcor who has been in hiding after becoming a whistleblower, wore a wire and stole internal documents in order to reveal the wrongdoings. Sounds like a good idea for the next Steven Soderbergh movie!