5 Cult Movies That Deserve Straight-to-Video Sequels


Showgirls fans rejoice! Rena Riffel, who played minor character Penny Slots in the original film, has written, produced, and directed a sequel to the classic B-movie, aptly titled Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven. And yes, she reprises her original role. This time, Penny heads to Los Angeles to chase her own dreams of stardom in what appears to be a cinematic amalgamation of the original Showgirls, Black Swan, Mulholland Drive, and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLaf5yflcVE]

After watching the trailer, I got to thinking: which other great cult movies deserve unnecessary sequels? Here are a few ideas, complete with the perfect casting opportunities.

Fight Club

I know that the whole point of Fight Club is that Tyler Durden doesn’t exist, but what if he actually still does? Brad Rowe, who looks enough like Brad Pitt, stars as Durden, whose involvement in the r/mensrights thread leads him to discover an underground all-women fight club organized by none other than Marla Singer (played this time around by Rose McGowan). Together, they blow up an Ikea.


An all-grown-up Sarah (played by Rose McGowan) suddenly has dreams about the Goblin King Jareth (now played by Adam Lambert in his direct-to-video debut) nearly 30 years after he once visited her and tried to steal her little brother. She tracks down her estranged brother Toby (played by Haley Joel Osment) and returns to the Labyrinth to fight Jareth for control of her subconscious once and for all.

The Craft

Fresh out of the loony bin, Nancy (played by Rose McGowan) finds herself pulled back to the powers of Manon despite her best intentions to only follow the pure and good. Soon, she discovers a new coven of teenage boarding school witches who are feeding off her dwindling energy in an attempt to destroy her.


Veronica Sawyer (Rose McGowan) and Heather Duke (Shannen Doherty, reprising her original role) meet again for the first time since high school in the unlikeliest of places — a PTA meeting. It turns out their daughters, both named Jessica, attend the same high school, and their mutual infatuation with the brooding Tommy “T. J.” James may be leading to a dramatic and disastrous conclusion.


The entire cast — including even The Donnas and Marilyn Manson — reunite for this sequel to the Heathers-lite comedy for Courtney Shayne’s (played in the original by the indelible Rose McGowan) funeral. In this dramedy reminiscent of The Big Chill, the now grown-ups look back at their wild and wacky high school years, featuring a soundtrack provided by Imperial Teen, Veruca Salt, and Letters to Cleo.