Prada Marfa Is in Danger of Closing; ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Might Be Your Server: Links You Need to See


Britney Spears’ newest song leaked this weekend and reviews have been decidedly mixed, but Paper‘s pretty hilarious write-up takes the cake. Have you ever wished that a terrifying hitman would read you a bedtime story? Well, what if said hitman were Mike Ehrmantraut? At least then it’d be terrifying…ly awesome. Orange Is the New Black’s Madeleine Brewer may have been a crowd favorite this season, but she’s still slinging dinners as a waitress on New York’s Upper West Side. Pardon us while we go stalk her. The interesting and ironic art installation “Prada Marfa” is in danger of being shut down. According to Texas officials, the piece violates state highway and beautification laws. Lastly, it seems founder Bryan Goldberg is at it again! Rather than take any advice given to him about understanding women’s publications, a New Yorker profile suggests he’s doubled down on his path of mind-blowing idiocy.