George R. R. Martin Doesn’t Think Roose Bolton is Terrible Enough: Links You Need to See


Late last week we had a collective fit over James Franco on the cover of the new “As I Lay Dying” book cover; what we should’ve done was splatter Franco’s face everywhere in one big therapeutic bout of immersion therapy. Speaking of ubiquity, when did Leonardo Dicaprio become Hollywood’s number one choice to play 20th century historical figures? George R. R. Martin just loves to troll us with snippets and ideas from the (never to be written) final books of his Storm of Fire and Ice series. This time around, Martin toys with the idea of creating a new character more monstrous than Walter White — because somehow Roose Bolton doesn’t fit the bill. Lastly, what would happen if Hollywood actually made all the fake films mentioned on Seinfeld? Answer: awesomely terrible movie posters.