Drink Like a Jazz Age-Era Fish; Cumberbatch Isn’t the Only Lovable British Export: Links You Need to See


Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t the only Englishman having an American moment. Idris Elba is everywhere these days, and in this interview he’s in Ibiza chatting about his acting beginnings. Grand Theft Auto V was released today and its elaborate player-initiated torture scenes have critics wondering: just how evil should a video game allow you to be? Speaking of automobiles, a new episode of RuPaul’s web series RuPaul Drives is up and makes a valiant effort to resurrect Chris Crocker’s career. Over at Bookish they’ve classified readers by their favorite omniscient narrator; prepare yourself for some brutal truths. Lastly, looking for some new ways to refer to booze and boozehound habits? Look no further than this very handy Jazz Age glossary.