Margaret Atwood Talks Sci-Fi; The Sunset Strip Is Disappearing: Links You Need to See


There will never be enough illustrations of Disney princesses wearing not-Disney-princess things. Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip is world famous, but it’s also shrinking. NPR takes a look at the neighborhood’s rapid decline and uncertain future. Japan has always had a knack for marrying form and function, as evidenced by these shockingly gorgeous manhole covers. We’re big on nostalgia, so we basically ate up this cool article outlining the history of the Trapper Keeper; take a read, all the cool kids have. I Spit on Your Grave 2 debuted this weekend to an unsurprisingly uninterested box office, but despite the weak showing their weekend haul wasn’t nearly as bad as some of these guys. Lastly, Flavorwire favorite Margaret Atwood had a delightful chat with Wired about what it means to be a science fiction writer and why she doesn’t consider herself one.