Tom Hiddleston Reads W.H. Auden; Jem Dolls Are Still Popular: Links You Need to See


What’s better than a beautifully sonorous voice reading beautiful poetry aloud? Not much… except for when it’s TWELVE beautifully sonorous famous voices reading to you. Music lovers have long been wondering about the impact of digital music on the music industry, but maybe the real question is, what will its effect on music history be? In case you ever wanted a reminder of the wide spectrum of Jem dolls, we’ve got you covered. We’ve already given you the rundown on YA novels that will screw you up, but here’s a roundup of literary families that are more than a little emotionally damaging. Lastly, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon is out tomorrow, and porn star Allie Haze gives us her professional opinion on the film.