Dramatic Photo Portraits of Contemporary American Dandies


The characters documented in I Am Dandy — a new book by Nathaniel “Natty” Adams and Rose Callahan that is as elegant-looking as its subjects — are a colorful bunch, dressed in their bespoke suits, fingers adorned with rings, and perfectly sculpted facial hair. Most modern men might consider these sartorial flourishes extravagant and unnecessary, but they’re a way of life for the gentlemen Adams and Callahan interviewed and photographed for what I can confidently call the fashion book of the season. Click through for a preview of some of I Am Dandy‘s most striking portraits.

Mr. Thomas R. Crowley, wine director, Brooklyn

Gay Talese, author, New York City

Mr. Dandy Wellington, bandleader, Harlem

Mr. Burton, boulevardier, Queens, NY

Dr. Keith Churchwell, Associate Professor of Medicine & Radiology, Nashville

Nick Wooster, creative advisor, New York City

Mr. Michael Davis, jazz musician, New York City

Mr. Sean Crowley, menswear designer, Brooklyn

Nathaniel “Natty” Adams, I Am Dandy co-author