Celebrities on Twitter Are Just as Sad About the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale as You Are


It ended last night. We always knew there would be a day when we could no longer rely on the White family to stress us out more than our own families do. The fact that Breaking Bad is now definitively over, after five pretty much perfect seasons (thank you, Vince Gilligan, for knowing that some things, however hard to admit, have to end), is something we’re all contending with. Last night and this morning, celebrities did the same thing you did: they turned to Twitter to announce their heartbreak.

Bryan Cranston shares a sentiment that could have come from Walter White’s own mouth.

And Aaron Paul followed suit with Jesse Pinkman’s characteristic enthusiasm.

According to Veronica Mars alum Kristen Bell, humans aren’t the only species reeling from the loss.

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon kept it simple.

James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek was obviously blown away.

As was crooner (and surprisingly funny tweeter) Josh Groban.

Ellen DeGeneres reminds us that Breaking Bad made at least an hour of our lives exponentially more exciting.

Just in case we forgot to say it, Seth Meyers said it for us.

It’s hard to imagine Rihanna doing anything but, you know, being Rihanna. But she wisely made time for the important stuff.

After five years of not really ever knowing how to feel, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney shares our collective internal struggle.

Writing under duress isn’t something we recommend, but Conan O’Brien knows we need more.

We’re not ready either, Emmy.

Ditto. Thanks, Patton.

And Anderson Cooper left us with the question on all of our minds.