Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Under Attack for Speaking Out Against Internet Misogyny: Links You Need to See


It seems like the daytime TV market is over-saturated with “ladies” shows, but with a full 46% of women in the workforce, why does network television insist on cramming female-centric shows into the early-afternoon time slots? Speaking of working women — and, by extension, working moms — NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg has been running an Etsy store… from space. Check out her cool handmade toys over at Geekosystem. Another brave woman making waves in a dangerous workplace is CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry, who refuses to let anonymous trolls stop her from speaking out against online misogyny. Last night was the series finale of Breaking Bad, and after a heart-stopping five seasons, science has finally explained why TV audiences enjoy stressful plot scenarios. Earlier today we gave you this week’s list of movies to stream; now Tribeca Film is giving you movies to seek out on DVD.