Unsolved Ausiello Mysteries: Major TV Star Secretly Axed


Once again Entertainment Weekly‘s TV know-it-all Michael Ausiello has dropped a vague-but-totally-juicy blind item into our laps that’s just begging to be solved. (OK, we’re the ones begging — not knowing the answer is driving us nuts.) His latest scoop centers on the star of a popular TV series who has been fired by producers due to “budget cuts and creative redirection” — only the actor doesn’t know it yet.

Ausiello says: “If, or when, the axe does fall, the regular’s on-screen alter ego isn’t likely to be killed off. Although death has cast a shadow over many a plot, this personality’s demise would probably be deemed too morbid, even for this show.” Read the entire item.

A show where death is a regular occurrence but a main character getting the axe would be too morbid… Grey’s Anatomy? House? Are we barking up the wrong tree by going the medical drama route?

Leave your guesses in the comments.