GWAR Thinks Billy Ocean Is a Pedophile; Marina Abramovic Is Punking Us, Again: Links You Need to See


Let’s kick this off by taking a moment of silence; Crushable put together an “In Memoriam” for all of Breaking Bad’s fallen soldiers. Be warned, there are many spoilers in this video, so proceed with caution. GWAR showed up at A.V. Club’s office to cover Billy Ocean’s “Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car,” and they had a few choice words about it. Hey, remember that time Zooey Deschanel was in an Offspring video, was way “punk rock,” and tripped her balls off? No? Well, now you can relive the moment. Marina Abramovic teamed up with Internet fashion shop Net-a-Porter to create what appear to be Power Ranger suits. Lastly, David and Jackie Siegel — of Queen of Versailles fame — are back at it and trying to nab a reality TV show deal.