The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Tao Lin and Carles of Hipster Runoff have a new “sound project ” called Jesus Christ (the indie band); listen to their first MP3, “is this really what you want?,” now. [via GvB] 2. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski used Bruce Springsteen song titles to explain the rules of the Internet at a music policy conference. A sample: “The people who built the Internet were working on more than a computer network, they were Working on a Dream. It was a network that was Born to Run in a land of open protocols, (the Promised Land).” [via WSJ] 3. Sony Pictures TV and Mark Burnett are partnering to remake Fantasy Island as a reality show. We doubt it will be a bigger hit than MILF Island. [via Variety] 4. The Swiss Justice Ministry rejected Roman Polanski’s appeal to be released from prison because they think he’s a flight risk. [via HuffPo] 5. Critics say this year’s Turner Prize exhibition is boring. “There’s no sensation, no video, no blood, no outrage.” [via Bloomberg]

Bonus link: The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator