AD Tries to Stay Relevant Via Michael Jackson


Architectural Digest is the dinosaur of design magazines. Editor-in-chief Paige Rense turned 80 this year and has been on top of the Condé Nast decorating litter pile for over three decades. In an age where McKinsey decimates four publications in one day, what can AD do to stay ahead of the numbers game and avoid a similar fate? Why, capitalize on celebrity deaths, of course. After the jump, see if you succeed at a Who’s Who of celebrity homes, starring Julia Child and The King of Pop himself.

Decorative elements: Michael Jackson or Julia Child?

Living room fireplaces: Michael Jackson or Julia Child?

Terraces: Michael Jackson or Julia Child?

Kitchens: Michael Jackson or Julia Child?

To be fair, Arch Digest seems at least vaguely interested in putting image content online, which is more than we can say for other, 400-pixel wide “previews” of published content touted by the likes of Elle Decor and Country Living. However, Rense’s book is the only decor-related publication in Condé Nast’s stable. Perhaps those advertisers work for AD’s target audience of 55+, but how much longer can that last? Will The Bible of Interior Decor ever change its ways, or go down fighting for every last soft-focus interior shot?