On the Road with Utkarsh Ambudkar


Whether it’s chasing a story, shooting a movie, or pitching an innovative new technology platform, our favorite cultural innovators are always on the move — and showing off their style while they do it. On the Road follows the most stylish and interesting culture-makers and takes a look at how they travel.

You probably recognize Utkarsh Ambudkar from Pitch Perfect or The Mindy Project (if not a fawning fangirl article online). The talented actor and musician has been clocking a lot of miles lately; we tapped him for his top travel tips. Read on to learn how you can win the Jarrett UGG for Men boots Ambudkar is rocking! All photos are by Jenna Schoenefeld.

What are your top 3 must-pack items when you’re traveling for business? What about when you’re traveling for pleasure?

I’m lucky enough to say my business is my pleasure. That being said, I always travel with my computer and headphones to read any scripts and/or hear any music I might be working on. Gotta GOTTA have a bunch of comic books and I definitely need gum to keep my ears from popping.

Any frequent-flier tips to stay sane at the airport or on long flights?

If you drink, pony up to the bar and enjoy the wildly entertaining cast of characters you will meet at any airport libation establishment. If you don’t drink, order a club soda and do the same. It’s generally hilarious.

Give us some recent in-flight reading or music you’ve enjoyed.

I’m enjoying listening to a lot of Nas right now and I also love pop tunes on flights so T-Pain’s Revolver album is good for dozing off to. As far as reading goes, I’m loving the new Hawkeye graphic novel, My Life As a Weapon. Great artwork and storytelling.

What are you working on now, and why does it mean a lot of travel?

I’m flying to New York often to perform with the group Freestyle Love Supreme. I also just finished up a movie called Basmati Blues which shot in India. That is a long-ass flight!

What do you do to keep your feet comfortable during your travels?

I double up on socks and wear sneakers with the laces loosened. The feet swell up! Ya gotta leave room for balloon-age.

What’s the coolest place you’ve been?

Probably Monte Carlo in terms of “swag” and Kerala, India for beauty. I also spent a night in a forest in Ghana, West Africa, which was a beautiful, somewhat terrifying experience.

Any final tips for traveling in style?

Dress comfortably, bring your own snacks, practice proper security check-in etiquette, be early, stay hydrated, don’t be scared!

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