7 Photographs That Show What Your Cat Sees When She Stares Into Space


Who among us has not, some late night, googled some version of “what do cats see,” typically after one’s cat has spent an hour or more staring off into the distance? Artist Nickolay Lamm recently decided to investigate the issue more thoroughly, calling up veterinary clinics to get their input. Among Lamm’s discoveries: cats have a wider field of vision than humans do, though they also have greater fields of peripeheral vision; they’re much more nearsighted than humans (hard to believe if your cat has ever spotted a squirrel out the window); and cats aren’t quite as colorblind as they’ve been presumed to be in the past. Plus: NIGHT VISION.

Using those principles, Lamm came up with the following seven images, which depict the differences between human and cat sight. Feast your eyes!