Guns N’ Roses Sued by Ulrich Schnauss


Ulrich Schauss is having the best day ever. Vulture reports that Guns N’ Roses is being sued by the German electronic artist after they illegally sampled two of his songs on a track called “Riad N’ the Bedouins” from Chinese Democracy. Vulture has posted all three songs for you to listen to, making Schnauss’ claim rather hard to debate.

ArtsBeat says that the suit “asks for compensation of at least $1 million and for Geffen Records to halt release of Chinese Democracy.” The album has already sold more than 3.2 million copies worldwide. Schnauss’ MySpace page currently has under 1 million page views. We’re willing to bet that’s all about to change by a big number too.

So that’s what we get after two decades of waiting. A track containing sloppy seconds that most reviewers barely mentioned. (Except for Time Magazine‘s Joel Stein. He said this: “This song, oddly, starts with him wailing almost exactly like Robert Plant in Kashmir. Then Axl sings really fast. Kind of a nicely sung and interesting chorus, but the rest of it sucks. Slash/Buckethead/Bumblefoot seems to get to do whatever they like. Grade: C+“)

Seems like a rather silly (and expensive) mistake, doesn’t it?