The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Angel Haze, Screaming Females


We’ve got a truncated version of our best new songs this week, mainly because apart from Angel Haze’s ongoing attempt to set some sort of record for unleashing consecutive awesome freestyles, there wasn’t a great deal of note to hear. But never fear, because the Angel Haze action is most definitely worth getting in on. Apart from that, there’s also a belting new psychedelic epic from the ever-excellent Screaming Females, Spiritualized turning a Cut Copy track into a transcendent experience, a pretty killer new track from the one and only DJ Dog Dick, and some claustrophobic electronica to round out your week. And as ever, streaming all this action will cost you precisely nothing, so click through and have a listen. Get into it.

Angel Haze — “Tom Ford” (freestyle)

Doesn’t it seem ridiculous that there was a time not so long ago when people were arguing about whether Angel Haze or Azealia Banks was the more exciting new MC? In the run-up to the release of Dirty Gold, Angel Haze has been releasing a freestyle a day over various notable beats — you can hear them all via her Soundcloud, and thus far they’ve been fantastic. This one is particularly notable because it shits all over the verses Jay-Z released over the same beat.

Screaming Females — “Ancient Civilization”

This sounds kinda like Marissa Paternoster fronting Black Mountain or something. Clearly, this is a very good thing indeed.

Cut Copy — “Free Your Mind” (Spiritualized remix)

I discussed this yesterday in the context of unlikely remixes that shouldn’t work but do. As you may have guessed, this is an indication that what we have here is a remix that shouldn’t work, but does. It works a treat, in fact.

DJ Dog Dick — “Grease That I Got”

Most excellent news: Far Rockaway-based genre destroyer, Flavorwire favorite, and resolute non-actual DJ Max Eisenberg, who goes by the singularly awesome moniker DJ Dog Dick, is finally releasing an album. The record’s called The Life Stains, and it’s out in November. It contains, among other things, this pleasantly deranged first single, which is half pop song, half psychedelic freakout.

Patricia feat. Jahiliyya Fields — “Inhalants”

Reasons not to sniff glue: you’ll end up in a place like the one evoked by this claustrophobic, mildly terrifying track, where a pulsing, insistent beat isn’t nearly enough to ward off the feeling that you just want to go and curl up in a corner and wait for everything to pass.