Beautiful Library Chairs for Literary Abodes


The Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, one of the oldest libraries in Europe, is very particular about its chairs. Only three different designs have been offered a place at the Bodleian’s tables: the 1756 Curator’s Chair, Giles Gilbert Scott’s 1936 design, and a new work from designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The duo competed for the coveted spot and won with their contemporary design that gives a nod to tradition. Never one to resist an opportunity to fantasize about making our home libraries more beautiful, we searched for innovative, stylish, and cozy library chairs that we’d love to lounge in with a great book. See if you can envision any of these pieces earning a spot in your literary abode.

A multifunctional ladder and occasional chair. Designer J.Schotte created this simple, but elegant library piece for groupDesign.

Designer Nils Holger Moormann brings us the Bookinist — a movable chair made especially for reading. You can bring the library to you, or add an additional set of shelves to your pre-existing library with the chair’s unique compartments. A magnifying glass, bookmarks, pencils, a pencil sharpener, and a notebook are included with your purchase.

Yuri Kim’s hanging chair design is the perfect addition to bookish dwellings on a budget — in terms of money and space. The installation possibilities are limitless, as well as the materials (plastic, fabric, or even paper). Kim has also envisioned the hanging chair as a great public seating alternative.

The Bibliochaise from Nobody&co keeps books at your fingertips and is also available as a pouf chair. However, we appreciate the throne-like feel of this design.

A gorgeous set of beechwood library chairs by Misawa Naoya that are sure to rejuvenate your reading room.

Stackable furniture doesn’t have to look unattractive. Meet Wogg 50 — lightweight and multifunctional, designed to be simple and clean. It’s a librarian’s dream.

We want to nest inside this circular seating area with book shelves.

Photo credit: Takafumi Yamada

The self-contained Lost in Sofa from Daisuke Motogi Architecture won’t lose your books.

A steel storage and seating solution for your magazines by Seung Han Lee.

Markus Krauss’ Sway is a cozy chair for two — perfect for a lazy day in your library or literary corner of the house.

Erik Magnussen’s Plateau lounge chair was created for a contemporary library or lounge. We like the armrest, which is a comfortable spot for a cup of tea and your favorite book.

OpenBook is an upholstered library chair that showcases your beloved books and offers space to lounge with a laptop or iPad.

Minimalist storage and elegant comfort. Tuck your books inside this lounger for safekeeping. The lack of arms offers freedom of movement for intense reading sessions

The LLSTOL collection was created for multifunctional and modern public seating, but we can easily see these pieces in our own libraries at home. We also appreciate the option to add fabric accents for extra style.

Curvy, creative, and bold. The book cubby will make this chair your new favorite spot to sit and read for hours.

Olivier Mourgue’s Bouloum Man Chair is begging you to park it for a while and read your heart out. The bookish lounger was even selected as a favorite of librarian Nancy MacDonald in Grand Junction, CO.