‘Breaking Bad: The Opera,’ ‘Of Mice’ and James Franco: Links You Need to See


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Courtney Love is not too keen on either Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry. Would Breaking Bad make as brilliant an opera as it did a television show? Maybe, but only if it includes an aria from Jesse Pinkman filled with as many occurrences of “bitch” as possible. (Spoiler: it seems likely that will happen.) In other possibly awkward buddy couplings to hit the New York stage, James Franco and Chris O’Dowd are set to make their Broadway debuts in a new production of Of Mice and Men. If you’re looking for some definitive proof that TV just ain’t what it used to be, check out this retrospective look at the best network TV sitcom lineups in recent years. Finally, we’re fast approaching Halloween (Observed) Weekend, and if you’re in desperate need of some costume ideas, why not steal one from a celebrity?