Britney Spears Channels Vincent Price, Own Disastrous Past in New Halloween Video: Links You Need to See


“It’s Britney, bitch” is quite possibly the greatest catchphrase of our time, and it just got a Halloween update from Brit-Brit herself. Katy Perry, purveyor of whipped cream-spouting brassieres, thinks pop stars should wear more clothes. Looking for a Halloween costume? How about these 17th-century Icelandic “necropants” — and yes, they’re exactly what you think they are. John Cale shared a heartfelt goodbye to Lou Reed earlier today. Despite Lucasfilms’ tacky re-edits of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, parts of the original footage are now up online thanks to an intrepid, laser-disc loving fan. Lastly, Reddit is the gift that keeps on giving, thanks to this collection of Star Wars blooper footage.