The 10 Greatest Halloween Costumes


Halloween is coming. If you’re like us, you procrastinate and procrastinate until finally you slap a pair of horns on your head and go as a wildebeest. It has happened. But this year, we’re here to help. No one wants to be one of those girls dressed up as a sexy cat/nurse/firefighter/whathaveyou (apparently slutty is the new 8), or that guy who just stuffs a pillow down his shirt. Take a look at our top ten Halloween costumes for a little inspiration.

Paging Hipster Grifter: This tops a finger mustache. [Via Mustache Sisters]

A monster dress is the best of both worlds. Also: Buy it!

This is a gnome riding a snail. The carrot is to motivate the snail. [Via Craftster]

Piranha Plant! Look out Mario. [Via Weekly Geek Show]

Go American Gothic. [Via Coolest Handmade Costumes]

Yep. Carry a lighter, and you can double as your favorite indie band. [Via Craftster]

One intense giraffe. [Via Craftster]

The best of all those freaky illusion costumes. Plus there’s a big purple dinosaur. [Via Geekologie]

This guy went as an ear. [Via Flickr]

Yes, that is the door behind him. (Find out how.)

Which ones are your favorites? Or is your costume idea way better than any of these? Share with the class, because time’s running out!

P.S. Perhaps we’ll see you (or you’ll see us) in one of these at our famous Flavorpill Halloween Party?