Hello Kitty Group Show Gives Us the Willies


On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of Japanese pop culture’s most ubiquitous feline, Sanrio is producing a multimedia exhibition of Hello Kitty-related art. Why are we not surprised this exhibition is on display in LA, the land of eternal youth, rather than the Big Apple. The show, titled “Three Apples” in reference to Hello Kitty’s weight, will include work by over 80 contemporary artists like Ron English, Natalia Fabia, Gary Baseman, Amanda Visell, and Tara McPherson. The concept speaks (squeaks?) for itself — pass judgment on the visuals after the jump.

Natalia Fabia

Ron English

Buff Monster

Gary Baseman

Bonus: apropos of not much else besides our overwhelming fascination with Lady Gaga, the lady herself photographed as Hello Kitty by high-profile duo Markus & Indrani.

And if internet images of an infantalized kitty aren’t enough to satiate your appetite, “Three Apples” will be on view at Royal/T in Culver City, CA, from October 23 through November 15, 2009. Or (cough) follow along with the blog.