CrossFit 4 Tots, Lady Taco, and ‘Goodnight Dune’: The Links You Need to See


The Halloween episode is a sitcom staple, and maybe next year you can dress up as your favorite TV character’s favorite Halloween costume (how’s that for a layered idea?) If you’re worried about all of the discount candy you’ll be buying at the drug store tomorrow, just think of the poor trick-or-treaters who will be heading right into their first kiddie CrossFit classes! And surely all that exercise will tucker them right out, so what’s a better bedtime story than Goodnight Dune or any of these other children’s / sci-fi classic mashups? But back to esoteric Halloween costumes: don’t even think of dressing as the long-standing feud between Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney, because it’s so dunzo. And, of course, every day is Halloween for Lady Gaga.