Bravo’s Real Housewives Return to Jersey for Season 2, Prepare for DC Invasion


Dust off that out-of-print copy of “Cop Without a Badge” that you ordered on eBay and get ready.

Yes. That’s right. The Real Housewives of New Jersey — the greatest thing to come out of the Garden State since Garden State — are coming back for season 2 in 2010 reports Variety. No word yet on which Housewives will or will not be back to stir up trouble or whether or not Caroline’s son has opened up his car wash/strip club yet, but we expect that there will still be plenty of drama to go around. It’s also been announced that the next batch of Real Housewives will hail from our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. — though short of casting Michelle Obama or having some major Republican beard of a “House”-wife come on the show and call her co-star a “prostitution whore,” we doubt they’ll be able to hold a candle to our beloved Jersey Girls. Our favorite table-flipping moment after the jump.