Streisand Takes #1 Spot on Billboard Charts, Mariah Carey Left in the Dust


Despite the fact that Barbra Streisand may as well be eleven-ty years old when compared to the likes of the tween stars who currently dominate the pop world (and was nowhere to be found on our 50 Essential Women-in-Music Albums list), she’s poised to snag the top spot on the Billboard Charts next week with her new collection of jazz standards, proving once again that only old people buy CDs anymore. More on the her crushing defeat over Mariah Carey and Paramore after the jump.

Billboard is reporting that despite the expectation that the fight for the top spot next week would be between MTV-favorites Paramore and the self-described emancipated Mariah Carey, Streisand instead will top the Billboard 200 with 180,000 copies of her new solo album “Love is the Answer” sold, followed closely by Paramore’s “Brand New Eyes” which will bow at #2 with 175,000 copies sold.

This news is so suprising that MTV is reporting that Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams has described their album’s defeat on the charts as “insane,” adding “We actually came in at #2 behind Barbara [sic] Streisand. Touché, Barbara [sic].”

Carey, sadly, will wind up at #3 with a disappointing 168,000 copies sold, far less than the 463,000 copies that E=MC2 sold in its debut week last year, her career high for first week sales.

This #1 debut also guarantees Streisand a #1 album in each of the last five decades.