12 Stunning Pieces of ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Fan Art


American Horror Story is one of those shows ready-made for online fandom, with many GIF-worthy moments, visually striking characters, and apparently, given what I found as I started looking through the fan art generated so far, a great deal of concern about the state of Evan Peters’ penis, post-FrankenKyle reassembly process. Here are the most beautiful and, in some cases, the most witty pieces out there.

Zoe and FrankenKyle, by ckt at DeviantArt.

By Muzaffer Yilmaz, on Tumblr.

By Isaiah Stevens on deviantart.

By alexisneo on deviantart.

By Alexis Neo Art Blog, on Tumblr.

By ellabee on Tumblr.

“The Supremes,” by ham-napkin on Tumblr.

By alonglineofbread on Tumblr.

By ljzoelle on deviantART.

By RomanImperial on deviantART.

By terrygu on deviantART.

“Misty and Kyle,” by LordTigger, on deviantART.