Daily Dose Pick: The Yes Men Fix the World


The Yes Men’s new documentary chronicles the subversive duo’s elaborate, politically progressive hoaxes.

Using cheap suits, aliases, and “straight” talk, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno impersonate spokesmen from massive corporations and government agencies that promote bottom lines over human life. In front of unsuspecting audiences, they enact conscience-raising pranks, such as selling preposterous, Halliburton-approved “Survivaballs” to protect the rich from climate change, or promising — on the behalf of Dow Chemical and before 300 million BBC viewers — $12 billion in restitution for a decades-old disaster in Bhopal, India.

Learn more about the Survivaballs and their “Balls Across America” campaign, check out the Yes Men’s site, explore the film’s homepage, read a self-review in the Huffington Post, play the “Fix the World Challenge,” and get involved.

An unexpected confession by Jude Finisterra.

The Yes Men cite this ad as part of Dow’s effort to polish its people-first image rather than acknowledge its responsibility to those in Bhopal. Like make-up to hide the blemish.

The tribute reel to a terminally-ill Exxon Mobil janitor (played by comedian Reggie Watts) who donates his body for the company’s new flesh-made oil, Vivoleum.

The Reggie candles unveiled.

Does your business have a Golden Skeleton in the closet?