Maybe Old School New York Wasn’t as Cool as We All Think…


NFT (Not For Tourists), our favorite city guide for locals, is throwing a huge 10th anniversary bash tonight at Fontana’s that’s open to the public. Throwing caution to the wind in these trying economic times, they are offering guests free booze and copies of their latest book, as long as both last.

Consider it a substitute for your company’s canceled holiday party with the added bonus of the fact that there’s no risk of getting wasted in front of your boss — unless you invite him.

To celebrate their achievement we’ve asked Managing Editor, Craig Nelson, to provide us from some choice snippets from the 1st edition of NFT — after the jump join us as we chortle at what a difference a decade makes.

The East Village: “We think David’s Bagels on First Avenue rocks. However a Citibank on 7th Street and B would be nice.”

The Lower East Side: “Our favorite hangout is Tonic on Norfolk — great music, great café, great vibe. Also check out Soft Skull Press in the same building. This area is not the culinary capital of Manhattan, unless you love fried chicken at McDonald’s.

The Financial District: “Mayor Giuliani is trying to convince people that downtown is an excellent place to live. There’s nothing here. It’s totally dead at night.”

Upper Manhattan: “A multiplex on 125th would probably rake in millions.”

They also sang the praises of a few New York hot spots that are now defunct:

The Lanksy Lounge: “Great space, packed with hyenas.” Howard Johnson’s: “A Times Square haven in a sea of madness.” Florent: “One of the best places on the planet.” Tower Records: “For all your mainstream needs.”