How Badly Can LA Screw You Up? Let Us Count the Ways: Links You Need to See


Jared Leto’s band Thirty Seconds to Mars’ new video is a valentine to Los Angeles, and it stars Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan. Los Angeles might drive starlets insane and give women and girls all sorts of complexes, but La-La Land can’t shoulder all the blame when you’ve got Disney and Barbie peddling their own special brand of femininity. If you’re sick of the whole “Disney Princess” thing, you might be a hair more nauseous after reading the back story on how the phenomenon was created and how its marketing plan took shape. Meanwhile, Barbie’s trying to clean up her act by becoming a concert violinist… so that she can sell better in China. But really, nothing screws people up better than a good, old-fashioned dysfunctional family structure.