‘Everybody Street’ Celebrates New York’s Greatest Street Photographers


New York City is a set. And the drama of our collective lives spills out over the city’s streets, unbounded by the borough distinctions and neighborhood boundaries that we use to orient ourselves and each other. Nearly 100 years ago, when photographers started moving outdoors onto our common asphalt to capture the quotidian events of days otherwise unremarkable, they gave birth to a new genre. In New York, street photography blossomed and bulged, each fresh lens capturing one of the unique configurations of life in the city. And every corner, empty lot, and passing face was fair game.

Photographer and documentarian Cheryl Dunn and producer Lucy Cooper turn their camera on this lush field in their new documentary Everybody Street, chronicling the history of New York street photography through some of its major voices. Shot over three years, the film chronicles the history of street photography in the city and the distinct artists who have shaped it. Featuring the work of Bruce Davidson, Jill Freedman, Joel Meyerowitz, Mary Ellen Mark, and others, the film encapsulates not only the effervescence of New York but of the many photographers who have taken to its streets to produce their art. Watch Everybody Street now, and click through to sample the work of the photographers featured in the film.

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Subway, New York City, 1980

Image credit: Martha Cooper

Untitled (Lower East Side 1977-1980) from Street Play

Image credit: Clayton Patterson

Taylor Mead, New York City

Image credit: Bruce Gilden

New York City, 1984

Image credit: Joel Meyerowitz

New York City, 1975

Image credit: Elliot Erwitt

New York City, 1950

Image credit: Jamal Shabazz

Man and Dog, New York City, 1980

Image credit: Mary Ellen Mark

Girls with Goggles in the Surf, Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 2003

Image credit: Ricky Powell

LL Cool J

Image credit: Boogie

Bushwick, Brooklyn, 2005

Image credit: Jill Freedman

Untitled, from Street Cops

Image credit: Jeff Mermelstein

Untitled, NYC from Sidewalk