In Which We Celebrate Our New Twitter Friend: Tracy Morgan


Everybody loves Tracy Morgan’s 30 Rock character Tracy Jordan. And while the real Tracy isn’t a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, lacks a Grizz and Dot Com entourage, and never wrote a video game called Goregasm: The Legend of Dongslayer, he does bear a strong resemblance to his fictional self. Hugh Dornbush, the president of the celeb-tracker OMGICU, noticed that while Morgan’s antics earned him a lot of sightings, and even more Twitter attention, the actor didn’t have an account of his own.

Dornbush launched his campaign last night with the video-plea below, a Twitter campaign and a website, This morning, the campaign rose the internet ranks to BuzzFeed’s homepage, garnered the support of NBC’s official “30 Rock” Twitter feed, and gained attention amongst the existing Twitter community. Talk about peer pressure.

But it worked. Look who’s on Twitter! Four tweets in, he’s already got almost 11,000 followers. With golden nuggets like this, we’re sure they are all happy customers.

The timing couldn’t be better: Morgan is publishing a memoir, titled, I Am the New Black, due out later this month. To celebrate the release, Random House has designed the Me-Cards below; consider them visual proof that this man was made for the 140-character format.