Is Rick Astley the Key to the Lost Mystery?


Yesterday there was some buzz among Lost fans about a new promo that had been circulating that features Kate, Aaron, and some creepy men in suits who are trying to make her fork over a blood sample to prove that she’s really the boy’s mom — which would suck because she’s not.

While we were excited to see the dad from My So-Called Life getting some work, the two-minute spot left us underwhelmed, so we kept searching for more Season 5 teasers.

That’s when we got “Rick rolled.”

More than once in fact.

We know that sometimes funny users on YouTube like to claim a video is one thing and then post something completely different, but why are so many Season 5 promos turning out to be the video for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”?

Maybe someone from the Lost Numbers blog has the time and nerdy know-how to piece together the connection.