‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 7 Recap: “The Dead”


Kyle starts off this episode. Kyle pre-FrankenKyle, I mean, hanging out with his bros in the tattoo shop in a flashback. He’s going on and on about how he’s going to be an engineer to save any future version of New Orleans from any future version of Katrina. I think we are supposed to conclude from this that Kyle’s had his potential wasted by his death and Frankensteinian reassembly, which I’d take as a given but hey, I’m not in charge. Oh, also, it turns out her has his buddy’s leg, given the tattoo that’s on it. Taissa-Zoe shows up to end his misery with that tiny doll’s pistol she found awhile back, but even though Kyle threatens to kill himself with it in the end no one actually dies.

Madison-Emma, who for the record, I didn’t really miss, makes a long monologue about how angsty she was in life, and that she could never feel anything in life, not even her gang rape — her first one, to be differentiated from the one that opened this series — and she wanders about the mansion trying drugs and eating so that she can feel things now, even though she also seems to think she can’t feel anything because she was reanimated. (Resurged? “The power of resurgence” doesn’t work as well in verb form.)

Queenie, sad about having nothing to eat — because fat people eat, I guess? — takes her slave, Delphine, out to eat at a fast food drive-in. The two have a heart to heart about why Gabourey-Queenie feels so excluded in the house, which Delphine tells her isn’t about her fat, it’s about the fact that she is black. I realize we’re setting up a plot point here but somehow this really annoyed me, as do most ways that people have addressed Gabourey-Queenie’s physical appearance in the show. Anyway, she does get a good line about finding herself in a parking lot at 3 am with an “immortal racist.”

Cordelia gets a call from Josh Hamilton, who’s rivalling Jonathan Rhys-Meyers for my crate-of-visine prize, and sitting in a pile of guns and ammo I guess he plans to use to kill Cordelia. She ends up wandering out to find Madison-Emma and having a vision of Jessica Lange’s murder of same. For whatever reason, she decides to inform Taissa-Zoe of the vision, letting her know that she’ll be next if Jessica Lange senses that Taissa-Zoe will be the next Supreme. Taissa-Zoe decides to verify this with Spalding, whose tongue she has magically restored after finding it in a drawer, where Myrtle Snow had kept it. Spalding, forced to tell her the truth, admits that yeah, it happened. Which means Taissa-Zoe will now have to join Cordelia’s plan: to kill Jessica Lange.

Jessica Lange, meanwhile, is hanging out in the Axeman’s apartment, where there is a lot of breathy seducing going on. She tries to resist him, he draws her back in. Eventually he confesses that he’s been watching her all along these years as a spirit trapped in Miss Robichaux’s. Though at first he felt fatherly affection, defending her from a bully, he eventually fell in love.

Marie Leveau gets a sudden visit from Gabourey-Queenie, who is there to talk about… it’s not really clear what exactly. Angela Bassett lays it out for Gabourey-Queenie; their power was built off “the sweat on our backs,” and they’ll never accept her. Angela Bassett even says that Gabourey-Queenie can come live with them if she brings Delphine Lalaurie with her. We are given a brief moment of doubt, in which it seems Gabourey-Queenie might demur, but ultimately no. Ultimately she brings Kathy Bates to Angela Bassett.

Also in news of love: Madison-Emma and FrankenKyle bond over their mutual inability to deal with resurgence. Poor Taissa-Zoe walks in on them. Madison-Emma later goes to apologize, but she isn’t prepared to give FrankenKyle up, since sex with him is apparently the only thing she can feel. Instead she suggests that she and Taissa-Zoe share him. And there, ladies and gents, you have it: we’re getting an underage sex-slave threesome on cable television.

The bad news: No Misty this week. MORE MISTY.