A Few Suggestions for More “Bound 2”-Inspired Music Videos


So, yes, James Franco and Seth Rogen released “Bound 3,” a shot-for-shot parody of Kanye West’s “Bound 2” video. If you were somehow hiding under a rock yesterday, you can compare the original and the parody here. We don’t really have a great deal to add to Jody Rosen’s verdict on the Franco/Rogen spoof at Vulture — honestly, if anyone still wants to argue that West doesn’t know what he’s doing, it probably says more about them than it does West. But still, the video does open up the idea of all sorts of other reinterpretations of the, um, distinctive imagery of “Bound 2.” Behold.

“Outward Bound” A couple of miserable high school students make out on a docile horse against a backdrop of poorly erected tents, wet boots, and questionable ramen?

“Bound Romance” Lady Gaga eschews the making out bit and just has actual sex with the motorcycle?

“Ezra Bound” T.S. Eliot reads “The Waste Land” to il miglior fabbro in front of a green-screened series of early-20th-century scenes that absolutely do not in any way refer to fascism?

“Bound in Public” Peter Acworth makes out with a procession of concerned San Francisco Christian types in front of the San Francisco Armory?

“Bound and Vision” David Bowie and Iggy Pop make out on a vintage East German motorcycle by the wall as the guards shoot over their heads? And they kiss like nothing could fall?

“Bound of Silver” James Murphy makes up and makes out with Tim Goldsworthy against a backdrop of crowds of rejoicing 20-something Brooklynites and packed mid-2000s dance floors?

“The Atlas Bound” A series of 27 low-budget videos in which Bradford Cox makes out with, um, himself?

“Bound 4 (Glory)” A diminutive bald Australian singer makes out with Kim Kardashian on something that looks like a budget Batmobile?