The Best Karaoke Moments in Film & Television


We’re not claiming to be kings of karaoke, but we can carry a reasonable tune. Some of the folks in the clips below fall in the same category — but the real standouts hit either end of the spectrum, wowing us with their vocal chops or inducing cringes from the screen. Maybe they just needed another Heineken to loosen up? Check out our favorite karaoke moments in film and television, and let us know if we skipped your top clip.

Lost in Translation: “More Than This”

Raise your hand if you fell even deeper in love with Bill Murray thanks to this scene.

Veronica Mars: “One Way or Another”

Watch out criminals, she’s gonna getcha.

When Harry Met Sally: “Surrey with the Fringe on Top”

Extra points for Billy Crystal’s professional posturing at the beginning of the song.

The Cable Guy: “Somebody to Love”

Jim Carrey’s Grace Slick is probably the best in the world.

The Wedding Singer: “Rapper’s Delight”

Come on, you knew this was going in, right? It’s 10 seconds of awesome.

10 Things I Hate About You: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

Moral of the story: get a high-school marching band to back you whenever possible.

Gilmore Girls: “I Will Always Love You”

Oof. A song for Rory becomes a song to Luke; grab the tissues.

500 Days of Summer: “Here Comes Your Man”

Our boy JGL crushes it, to no one’s surprise.

Arrested Development: “Afternoon Delight”

Michael clearly was not familiar with the ah, more mature, undertones of this tune.

Superbad: “These Eyes”

Michael Cera’s character can’t quite hit the falsetto, but come one: it’s a cappella and he’s terrified.

Community: “Kiss From a Rose”

Jeff and Dean Pelton totally have a moment.

Bachelorette: “I’m Gonna Be”

Starring your secret boyfriend, Adam Scott, and your secret girlfriend, Lizzy Caplan.

BONUS: Easy A: “Pocket Full of Sunshine”

If anyone can pull off accompaniment by greeting card, it’s Emma Stone.

For even more excellent karaoke moments, check out the video from Heineken’s Carol Karaoke below. We helped host the party at Karaoke Boho in Greenwich Village last month, where Heineken issued a surprise challenge to people who thought they were enjoying an evening of karaoke with a small group of friends to suddenly sing a holiday carol — karaoke style — to an audience of thousands in well-known public places. We all sang our hearts out, and some of us ended up serenading taxi riders, tourists in Times Square, and fans at the Verizon Center in DC during a Knicks/Wizards game (!!).