The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Com Truise, Tacocat


It’s Friday, which means this week is over — huzzah! — and also that it’s time to look back at the best new music released over the course of the past seven days. This installment features the return of intergalactic spacetronica hero Com Truise, and some much-needed good cheer courtesy of Tacocat and !!!, along with Janet Weiss LARPing Bill Ward and a new track from Matthew Dear’s Audion project. None of these cost a penny to listen to, so click through and get a-listening!

Com Truise — “Declination”

In which valiant galaxy-roamin’ robot astronaut Com Truise fires up his rocket ship and heads into the outer reaches of the universe. Or something. Whatever the narrative here, “Declination” is more of the retro-futuristic electronic music that Seth Haley does so well — it’s the lead single from a new EP entitled Wave 1, and features a guest spot from Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin renown.

Tacocat — “Bridge to Hawaii”

Yay for new Tacocat! Few do exuberantly catchy rock ‘n’ roll better than this pleasantly palindromic quartet, and this track — an ode to the shitty weather in their native Seattle — even manages to make being wet and depressed sound kinda fun. If only we could build a bridge to Hawaii, though. Maybe we could connect the L train up to it if it ever starts running properly again.

!!! — “And Anyway It’s Christmas”

A !!! Christmas song? It’s all true, and funnily enough, it’s not terrible — certainly not by the generally questionable standards of Christmas music, anyway.

Quasi — “War Pigs”

If the festive spirit is already giving you the shits, you may prefer this cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” by Janet Weiss’s long-running side project Quasi. It gives Weiss the leeway to show off her formidable drumming skills, and is generally a whole lot of fun. Oh, for a Sleater-Kinney reunion.

Audion — “Sky”

There’s an 18-track Audion compilation due out next week, one that apparently combines various tracks Matthew Dear has released under this moniker with new material. This one falls into the latter category, a slow-burning, breathy piece of atmospheric electronic music that’s both driving and mildly menacing.