Pop Culture-Inspired Lingerie


Like it or not, E. L. James’ BDSM-lite novel Fifty Shades of Grey is quickly becoming an empire. The fastest-selling paperback of all time has grossed millions and will soon be the subject of a hotly anticipated film starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. In the meantime, one company has jumped on the bandwagon with a line of lingerie inspired by the book. We feature it past the break, along with other pop culture-inspired intimate apparel that channels your favorite films, authors, and more.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Swedish brand KappAhl has designed a surprisingly tame line of lingerie inspired by the famed fanfic-cum-bestseller about a pseudo-sadomasochistic relationship between a wealthy entrepreneur and a college student.

Blade Runner

Dani Read’s bondage-style Replicant collection (the name was inspired by characters in Philip K. Dick’s novel, which became the cult film, Blade Runner) imagined “a woman isolated by technology, who rebels against her social confinement.” The designer named each piece after a science fiction character — like Sonmi from David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Female android-approved.

Mad Men

Maidenform went retro for their 90th anniversary capsule collection. The company collaborated with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant for a limited edition series of elegant undergarments with a curvy silhouette. Bryant also referenced Maidenform’s historical archives for inspiration.

Film Noir

Vampy vixens from Hollywood’s Golden Age would feel their finest in Amoralle’s film noir collection. “It combines Marlene Dietrich’s sexuality with Greta Garbo’s sensual mystique, accentuating the beauty of a confident and strong woman,” the company promises.

Lynchian Muses

Mexican designer Marika Vera paid tribute to David Lynch’s leading ladies with her 2013 collection, Welcome To The Rabbit Hole. This layered negligee, inspired by Patricia Arquette’s raven-haired doppelgänger Renee Madison in Lost Highway, and sheer, silk shirt with matching high-waisted briefs, inspired by Twin Peaks’ troubled schoolgirl Laura Palmer, are befitting of Lynch’s dreamy muses.

Anaïs Nin

San Francisco intimate apparel brand Blackbird Underpinnings celebrates great women from across the eras, focusing on pieces that promote “self-expression, confidence, and the unique beauty of every woman.” The indie company just wrapped a successful Kickstarter campaign. Watch their video to learn more about the empowering angle Blackbird Underpinnings is taking with their beautiful underthings.

Sex and the City

Cosabella released their Sex and the City collection — which channels the flirtatiousness of New York friends Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York — just before the film adaptation of the HBO favorite.


Hitchcock’s leading ladies inspired Fräulein Annie’s shapewear and foundation pieces in the company’s Thrilling Collection. What would the obsessive director make of this video featuring his favorite icy blondes?

Wonder Woman

You’ll have to stick to classic Underoos until Socially Stealth, a comic-inspired lingerie company, finishes developing their red, white, and blue Wonder Woman apparel. From what we can tell so far, it’s a huge step above the lame Halloween-style knockoffs.


Here’s another great collection from Marika Vera inspired by sexy space explorer Barbarella. Queen of the Galaxy has retro appeal (recalling the intergalactic vixen’s 1960’s style notes), bold color, and great fabrics.