Gift Guide: What to Buy the Witch in Your Life This Holiday Season


Sure, you might associate witchcraft mostly with Hallowe’en, but magick can happen all year round. And considering the pagan influences still palpable in our contemporary holiday season, why keep yourself from lavishing gifts on the best (or baddest) witch in your life? You could even give a few of these gifts to those who haven’t yet dabbled in witchcraft, and remind those afraid of magick that it doesn’t all have to be eyes of newts and hexes. Here’s a guide to what you can get for your witchy loved ones (or yourselves!) this holiday season, with special thanks to the Internet’s resident clean person / sister of the moon, Jolie Kerr, for the helpful suggestions.

Witch Besom in Black by Broomchick $42.00, Etsy

The straw broom is a common witchy symbol, and the Oregon-based Broomchick offers a huge selection of brooms, all handmade from organic materials sourced locally. “The raw materials, tools and techniques used date back hundreds of years,” writes proprietor Stephanie Pritchard. “We do every aspect of the work, from harvesting the raw materials out of nature to the finished piece. A balance between function, décor and the sacred is our purpose.”

2014 Celestial Guide Desk Calendar $11.95, Isis Books & Gifts

Desk calendars make excellent gifts this time of year, and instead of going with the old reliable options like Dilbert or The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said, why not go with something a little more celestial? This calendar offers the usual comforts of room for reminders and appointments, but the added bonuses are plentiful: daily astrological data, lunar phases, sunrise and sunset tables, and a handy address book with room for your friends’ birthdays, so you’ll be able to cross-reference their astrological charts, as well.

Yule Magick Candle and Incense Ritual Deluxe Set $39.95, 13 Moons

Are you planning a yuletide ritual this year? What’s stopping you? Perhaps you’ll need a classy wooden box full of the important necessities, including white, red, and black candles, a packet of cloves, cinnamon sticks, and a vial of yule oil. Mistletoe and holly are not included, but with these essentials you’ll have the power to conjure yuletide greetings at any ceremonial altar.

The Afternoon of a Faun by Mx. Justin Vivian Bond $149.99,

Innovative performance artist Mx. Justin Vivian Bond created vs own signature scent this year, described as “a transcent, for the person who is everything.” It’s inspired by the Galli, a cult of gender-variant followers of Anatolian goddess Cybele whose legacy has inspired artistic endeavors throughout the centuries. According to Bond’s website, “The radical fairies and gender outlaws inhabiting our modern world are contemporary tranifestations of the ‘divine androgyne.’ When we make love in the afternoon, on the ground, in the woods, surrounded by flowers we, too, honor the ancestors who have set us free.”

Dragon’s Blood Uncrossing Bubble Bath Oil $11.99, The Wiccan Way

Don’t worry: no dragons were harmed in the production of Dragon’s Blood, which is a concoction made of the extracts from various plants and was used for medicinal purposes in ancient Greece and Rome. According to The Wiccan Way, it’s more commonly used in neopagan rituals for “increase spell potency for protection, love and sexuality.” That makes it a perfect potion for a relaxing bubble bath; a luxurious treat that will protect you from the world’s daily evils.

Regal Girls Velvet Holiday Cape $189.99 – $219.99, Etsy

What better way to show one’s festive spirit than with a giant red velvet cape? It’s a classic look that will be perfect for witchy holiday parties for years to come.

In Your Dreams DVD $15.99, Insound

In 2011, Stevie Nicks released her first solo album in almost a decade. Now, two years later, we get a look at the complete writing and recording process. In Your Dreams, co-directed by Nicks and producer Dave Stewart, follows the inception of her latest record, lauded by critics as the best of her solo career, from the very beginning.

Autographed Fairuza Balk photo $30.00, Amazon

Perhaps modern cinema’s best witch, Fairuza Balk’s Nancy still strikes fear in the heart of anyone who watched The Craft a handful of times in the ’90s. What better way to show your love for her than an autographed print? Don’t worry: just wrap some string around it to keep her from doing harm — harm against others and harm against herself.

American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Asylum on DVD $21.99, Amazon / $28.70, Amazon

I’m crediting American Horror Story: Coven as the reason why witches (#witches) are trending right now, and it’ll sadly be nearly a year before we can binge-watch the third season of the anthology series on DVD (or, more honestly: Netflix). Luckily, the first two seasons — featuring randy ghosts, deformed babies, alien abductions, and demonic possessions — will keep us occupied until then. Plus, the very important presence of Jessica Lange. It’d be nice to watch over and over again while practicing your spells!