These Are Not It: Palin Book Covers That Could Have Been


America’s favorite hockey-mom-turned-ex-governor Sarah Palin’s rejected book cover photos are hitting the interwebs thanks to Gawker and we couldn’t be happier. While the debate rages on as to who in our office will actually buy the book so that the rest of us can borrow it, thus keeping our hands clean — and protecting us from the indignity of Amazon suggesting a Reagan biography based on our previous purchases — opinions on the photos abound! Some of our sartorial observations after the jump.

1. The bee-hive, the glasses. All classic Palin. The Orange L.L. Bean-like pullover? That’s more classic Pumpkin.

2. Lucky for Sarah she had that vest on. After this shot was taken, Bill Ayers pushed her into the lake while a group of married gays and the Revered Jeremiah Wright all pointed and laughed alongside the media elites. Twenty bucks she had this on underneath.

3. Here we see Palin in a patriotic red blazer/flag pin combo — the oft-repeated look that started it all. Guess she really needed that $150,000 campaign wardrobe allowance…

4. Maybe it’s the hands held playfully on her waist or the way the landscape resembles a Sears Portrait Studio backdrop, but this photo screams less “2012 Presidential Hopeful” and more “Wasilla High Class of 1986! Go Huskies!”

5. “Are you really, really sure orange isn’t my color?” Yes, Sarah. We’re sure.